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Friday, December 12, 2003  

Krugman's starting to sound as batty as I feel. The various K-haters are going to have a field day today. Talking about the Iraq contracting issue (Bush is refusing to allow the war refuseniks a chance to bid on reconstruction contracts) and James Baker's negotiations with the now-estranged allies, he writes:

Maybe I'm giving Paul Wolfowitz too much credit, but I don't think this was mere incompetence. I think the administration's hard-liners are deliberately sabotaging reconciliation....

In short, this week's diplomatic debacle probably reflects an internal power struggle, with hawks using the contracts issue as a way to prevent Republican grown-ups from regaining control of U.S. foreign policy. And initial indications are that the ploy is working -- that the hawks have, once again, managed to tap into Mr. Bush's fondness for moralistic, good-versus-evil formulations. "It's very simple," Mr. Bush said yesterday. "Our people risk their lives. . . . Friendly coalition folks risk their lives. . . . The contracting is going to reflect that."

Care to hazard a guess about whether the K-haters will see it in these terms? I'm going to guess they won't. Shockingly.

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