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Tuesday, December 23, 2003  

Paul Krugman calls out Bill Buckley and George Will:

Last August, in a moment of supreme synergy, Mr. Perle, wearing his defense-insider hat, co-wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed praising the Pentagon's controversial Boeing tanker deal. He didn't disclose Boeing's $2.5 million investment in Trireme.

Sure enough, Hollinger also invested $2.5 million in Trireme, which is advised by Lord Black. In addition, Mr. Perle was paid more than $300,000 a year and received $2 million in bonuses as head of a Hollinger subsidiary. It's good to have friends.

The real surprise, though, is that two prominent journalists, William Buckley and George Will, were also regular paid advisors to Hollinger.

This is fascinating because, as many of you will recall, the right has long attacked Krugman for his "connections" to Enron. There wasn't anything in those slanders (but that's rarely germaine to a right-wing hit project), but now the question will be: is there anything to Krugman's charges? Time and again, the right has pointedly assaulted Krugman, assuming he'd respond the same way most other timid lefties responded in the PD era ("pre-Dean")--by "aw shucks"-ing an apology cum justification. Are they reaping more of what they've sown? No doubt Will and Buckley will fire back. I look forward to the sparring.

(Meanwhile, to give David Brooks his due props, today's article is right on the money. He's irritated that the other Dems aren't trying to demolish Dean--I wonder why?--but his analysis about the dynamic in the Democratic Party seems accurate. He has also (I think unwittingly) uncovered the reason the Dean campaign is very good for the party.)

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