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Friday, December 12, 2003  

Ralph Nader is dead. Not literally--politically. But man, he's really been the talk of the blogosphere over the past couple weeks. The Nader meme is like a virus--it flares up for awhile, appears to die, then flares up again. (I tell you what, if the man had gotten this kind of attention four years ago, he might have run a credible campaign.) Balloon Juice was on it today.

(CNN) Nader has formed an exploratory committee for a 2004 run and said he would gauge his support through the success of fund-raising efforts and the number of volunteers who come forward.

Let him run: he's dead. The Greens don't want anything to do with him and neither do the Democrats. Liberal voters feel alternately betrayed, disenfranchized, or embarrassed by him. Who's going to back him? In electoral politics, you get one good shot at it. After a half-assed run in '96, Nader got his serious shot in 2000. That's the last you'll ever see of him, "exploratory committee" or no.

RIP, Ralph.

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