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Saturday, December 27, 2003  

Regarding the mad cow that was actually slaughtered and sent into the meat stream (meat stream--that's a delightful image, isn't it?)--officials and the media keep minimizing the danger. First the argument was that surely none of the meat had gone into food (either a lie or ignorance, but anyway issuing from the highest levels of government). No worries. Well, maybe the meat has gone out, but not as food. No worries. Oh, and anyway, even if you were inexplicably to have gotten a morsel, you're probably fine. I wonder--do you think Ann Veneman would have been serving beef (or even lying about it) if she lived in the Northwest? Cause some of us are pretty damn worried:

Northwest residents probably have eaten meat from a Holstein with mad cow disease, agriculture officials said Friday, as several grocery chains recalled specific kinds of beef that could contain the cow's meat.

On a personal note, after reading Fast Food Nation, I made a personal promise to refrain from eating beef until the entire beef processing industry was reformed. (By then I'd essentially quit calling myself a vegetarian, due to regular meaty lapses.) I was successful until last week, when I relapsed and had a burger while watching (the delightful) School of Rock at the Mission Theater. Which means: for the next ten years I'll be wondering if my brain is about to rot. I will not be proudly serving beef at Christmas or any other meal.

And just for the record, we have yet another cabinet member on record lying to the public. Yeah, yeah, good ol' Ann may have been ignorant to her lie and so the NRO types will give her a pass. Fine, go ahead. But let me ask: did anyone actually believe the woman when she trotted out the official announcement? No administration has done more to erode public confidence than this one, and public safety is a perfect example of why it matters.

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