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Sunday, December 14, 2003  

Twelve and a half hours since I woke to the new of Saddam's capture, and I'm already weary of the story. I've listened to far too many "experts" tell me what this means already, and I did my best to avoid the news. Look, I'll break it down for you. One of four things will happen:

1.) Things get better.

2.) Things don't change.

3.) Things get different.

4.) Things get worse.

Them's the possibilities. If I were interested, I could spend an hour scanning the editorial pages tomorrow for proponents of each. You know what? It's worse than opinion--it's pure politics. If anyone had ever known what was going to happen in Iraq, people would have been accurately predicting it all along. Hell, I did as well in predicting what would happen in Iraq as anyone I know--and I'm a random blogger from Oregon. The reason no one knows what will happen is this: our intel sucks, it has always sucked, and anyone who claims to be able to predict what will happen in this mess is full of it.

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