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Tuesday, December 16, 2003  

Why People Drink Coffee in the Pacific Northwest (Weather Report)

Ah December, when the layer of clouds and weak sun conspire to make the days permanently twilight. This morning it was mostly dark at 7:30, by eight not what you'd call daylight--dark enough for the streetlights to still be on. The pavement remains wet, though it hasn't really rained in a day or two, demonstrating how little currency the sun has on the Portland earth.

This is why we drink coffee--to try to pull out of the twilight. The sun will skitter low along the south sky and start dropping by four. Maybe a little bit of liquid sunshine, that's what the mind thinks. Ah, but lady coffee, she's a jealous mistress. Come May, when the sun is fighting gamely against the clouds, your body chemistry will already long have given itself over to the double short (Stumptown please--none of that Seattle crap). And that's why Northwesterners drink their coffee. Days like today.

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