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Wednesday, January 28, 2004  

For those who called Dennis Kucinich a "vanity candidate," this is a hearty refutation:

Through the third quarter, based on data from the Center for Responsive Politics, the Kucinich campaign had brought in $2,188,700 from contributors giving $200 or less. This compares to Kerry's $2,067,116, Gephardt's $1,640,029, Lieberman's $1,060,141, Clark's $1,042,678, Edwards' $419,756, and Sharpton's $24,614.

In current numbers as of January 26, the Kucinich campaign has brought in over $3,038,000 from 60,890 contributors of $200 or less.

I know I've disappointed many of you for not sticking with Dennis, but I'm proud to say I was one of those 60,890 Americans who supported him.

And, for those of you who wonder why Dennis won't just give up the ghost and get the hell out of the election, go have a look at his campaign webpage. It's second to only MoveOn in terms of information and organization: on the dangers of electronic voting; encouraging the "Steps for Peace" program; and promoting labor issues among many others. Kucinich may not get elected president, but his campaign is a cottage industry of leftist action. Anyone who would call his a vanity candidacy has spent even less time than the media looking at his campaign.

Oh, and apropos of my earlier post, there's this, too:

Dennis yesterday announced plans to create as President a full public inquiry into why the Bush Administration made the claims it did about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He asked the other Democratic candidates to make the same commitment.

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