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Tuesday, January 20, 2004  

In anticipation of this year's State of the Union speech, I'll reprint some stats from last year's. Tomorrow we'll see how the mood has changed in the West Wing.

2003 State of the Union by the Numbers

Total length of speech: 5,400 words
Percent devoted to tax cuts: 10
- On legislation to combat African AIDS: 6*
- On the war on terror: 5
- On hydrogen cars: 3
- On race and affirmative action: 0

Axis of Evil
Percent devoted to Iraq: 25
- Korea: 4
- Iran: 1

Number of times "Saddam Hussein" was uttered: 19
"Osama bin Laden": 0
"God": 4

*Initiative as a percent of projected 2004 budget: .1%

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