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Sunday, January 18, 2004  

Iowa has become a four-man race; add Clark and I think you have the next Democratic candidate in the pool (Kucinich may yet have a role to play, but it's not candidacy). You could handicap these guys in any number of ways, and right now, Iowans are doing that very thing. They're considering leadership, policy positions, and most importantly, the intangible "electable" quality.

History will play out for only one of the candidates, and all others will be what ifs. We can only surmise now and use our best judgment. In anticipation of Iowa and beyond, I'm going to give my thoughts. My intuition probably isn't better than anyone else's, but hey, offering opinion is what blogs are about.

One final item of note. Back in November I wrote about the "slumbering horde" of Americans who may be getting a little alarmed by the American plutocracy. Conventional wisdom had said until just last week that they would continue to slumber and we'd see a repeat of the 2000 election. If the emergence of Kerry and Edwards in Iowa tells us anything, it's that they're not slumbering. They're waking up and taking this election very seriously. Call conventional wisdom officially useless.

Whatever decisions we voters make from here on out are going to be critical. I have the sense that as it has done reliably in the past, the electorate will rise to stand against the corruption of power. I envy all of you who will cast primary ballots in the next month--you'll be charting the future of the liberal agenda. The rest of us have to put our trust in you all.

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