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Thursday, January 15, 2004  

Kucinich Update


Dennis Kucinich's campaign is getting a boost with the arrival of a group of young activists from around the country, who showed up in a bio-diesel powered, psychedelic-colored converted school bus.

The group drove from Santa Cruz, Calif., stopping in Des Moines, Iowa, to attend the Democratic candidates debate there on Jan. 10....

The group calls itself the Democreation Project; its goal is to unite young artists and political progressives behind candidates that represent their values. They will stay in the state until the Jan. 27 primary and plan events at colleges and high schools.

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On electability
"Fear leads to muddled thinking. Fear has led us down many wrong paths in the past two years. But voting for the candidate most likely to defeat President Bush is exactly the right approach. Vote for the candidate who presents a strong contrast to Bush, who will excite the majority of Americans who typically don't vote, who opposes the occupation of Iraq, opposes leaving HMOs and private insurance companies in control of our health, opposes NAFTA and the WTO, and promises to repeal the 'Patriot Act.'"
--Interview in the Portland Mercury, Jan 8, '04.

[More: Just noticed an article in the Washington Post about DK today. What is it--all of a sudden he's getting huge press. Fat lot of good it'll do him now. Selected quote:

He points out that he has raised $3.4 million to date, almost all of it in small donations, including $120,000 at a Willie Nelson-Bonnie Raitt concert on Jan. 3 (Kucinich can also count the endorsement of such celebrities as author Alice Walker and actors Danny Glover, Ed Begley Jr., Ed Asner and Linda Blair).... "We're going to be a $10 million campaign," he says, both delighted and a little surprised by the figure.]

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