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Wednesday, January 14, 2004  

Michael Miller, who commented on the Kucinch post below, pointed me to another article about Dennis. (I know, I know, you're all dying for more Kucinich news. Well, bear with me--I don't have much longer to promote him.) Much of the analysis will be familiar to you, but then there's this, which seems right on to me:

That’s why Beltway Dems are so alarmed by Dean: he’s not an insider. And even though his record as governor of a small state was, by any reckoning, centrist, Clintonites worry -- and are charging that Dean is too “liberal” to be successful against Bush. If Dean is at the edge of respectability, where does that leave Kucinich?

The success of Howard Dean’s candidacy would not be possible without Kucinich and Sharpton at his shoulder, providing the more “extreme” cover that gives his statements context. Their continued presence in the race ensures that ideas like getting U.S. troops out of Iraq, or prioritizing racial justice, aren’t forgotten by candidates otherwise reluctant to go there. There are plenty of reasons to support Dennis Kucinich -- even if he won’t be our next president.

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