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Wednesday, January 21, 2004  

On Supporting Dean

My decision yesterday to desert the Kucinich camp for Dean got me a couple "traitor" catcalls from the peanut gallery. I can't say I blame them. Normally I find nothing so odious as jumping ships just when things get tough. But that is actually why I jumped ships to Dean.

Here's my thinking. As you know, I have always thought Kucinich was the best candidate (and still do). But I thought Dean was a great number two guy. After that, it's a pretty big fall-off. There for awhile, it looked like Dean had the thing pretty well in hand. I was happy to pull for Kucinich as the insurgency. I even gave him money.

But now Dean's in the fight of his life. He's never lost an election and much of his support comes from political newbies. Given the gut shot he took in Iowa, he needs some serious support now. All the momentum is headed Kerry's way. If Kucinich had capitalized on Dean's weakness the way Edwards did, I'd be happy to keep the endorsement up. Instead, I'm eyeing the prospect of a Kerry win, and that's not an acceptable alternative to DK.

Circumstances rarely present themselves for serious change. This year they have. I'm fairly confident that a Democrat is going to win this election (yeah, I know, that and a buck and a half ...); because of that, we have the opportunity to put a candidate in office who will make real change. John Kerry? A good guy who's served his country honorably. But he's no revolutionary. At this point, if we want revolution we have to ride the horse who can win the nomination. Unfortunately, it's not Kucinich. That's why I'm going with Dean.

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