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Monday, January 12, 2004  

Perhaps this argues strongly in favor of keeping this blog's name as it is.

The Supreme Court refused Monday to consider whether the government properly withheld names and other details about hundreds of foreigners detained in the weeks and months after the Sept. 11 terror attacks....

The government grabbed people on thin suspicion, then moved to deport detainees who had no demonstrated link to terrorism but who had violated civil immigration laws, lawyers for Martin's Washington-based group argued to the court.

The government sealed immigration records and omitted detainees' names from jail rosters, among other tactics, to make sure that details of hundreds of arrests remained secret, the lawyers said.

The only mitigating circumstance one could ascribe to the this is the Court's recent decision to hear the Yaser Esam Hamdi case, which presumably will answer many of the same questions. Anyway, that's the pretty little story I'm telling myself.

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