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Tuesday, January 20, 2004  

Progressives have a nasty habit of turning on their own. Poor Ralph Nader, who may not have run the most strategic campaign in his life, aroused almost as much hatred as George Bush. Why? Because he didn't roll over for Gore. One imagines David Corn would not have been appeased:

Dennis Kucinich is not acquitting himself well. Kucinich's 1 percent does not provide much justification for continuing his progressive campaign. But he also committed a misstep when he struck a deal with John Edwards and pledged his voters to Edwards in caucuses where Kucinich would not reach the cutoff. Since Kucinich is running as an antiwar candidate--boasting he will pull the troops out of Iraq faster than the others--it was odd that he forged an alliance with Edwards, who has supported the war in Iraq. Why not Dean, who shares Kucinich's opposition to the war? In any event, this tactical move made little difference in the final results. But it did tarnish Kucinich's status as a stand-by-principles politician.

So let's see, stand by your principles in the face of pragmatism and you're a traitor, but pragmatically leverage your influence and you're a sell-out. What say we point them there guns the other direction, eh fellas? Rove's got plenty of ammo without us shooting ourselves.

All right, off to listen to Dubya take a spin in his own private Bizarro World.

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