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Tuesday, January 13, 2004  

The show is getting good. You can tell the right is rattled when folks start trying to kill the messenger. Seems like the strategy is well coordinated: slander O'Neill with your best stuff. Remember, he's on their team.

Notes from the right wing of the blogosphere:

To begin with, Balloon Juice goes with the party line.
"NO one, and I repeat, no one, has stated that there was no planning regarding Saddam Hussein.... No one, however, has suggested, spun, stated- you choose the word, that there were not always plans for regime change in Iraq. Period.

"These guys have gone beyond stupid to stoopid with two o's. Straightjackets and rubber rooms are right around the corner."

After that, it's just brutal.

"O'NEILL RECANTS Why would anybody believe a word this man says? Turncoat ex-Treasury secretary Paul O'Neill...."

Right Wing News
"I'm not going to spend too much time talking about Paul O'Neill's latest accusations against the Bush administration, because quite frankly, I consider them to be little more than sour grapes from a crybaby whose big ego couldn't take the indignity of being fired."

Man Without Qualities
So many exciting questions! Has anyone been checking just how much time Mr. O'Neill spends these days talking to puddles? Or has he been using Mr. Suskind as a puddle-surrogate? Will the new Krugman/O'Neill love affair survive longer than Britney Spears' marriage?

Opinion Journal
"Far from being a truth-teller, Mr. O'Neill comes across in Mr. Suskind's book as a vengeful Lone Ranger, someone bitter because his advice was spurned but who stubbornly chose to stay in the job anyway. 'He could have resigned quietly on principle,' one White House aide told me. 'Instead we had to push him out.'"

(All right, that one's not a blog.)

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