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Tuesday, January 13, 2004  

Some site comments. Last week, in anticipation of the one-year blogoversary of "Notes," I announced I was planning to switch hosts, URLs, blog title, and pseudonym. Nearly everyone told me I was a bonehead. Fair enough--I asked for feedback. I'm still not convinced that "Notes on the Atrocities" is such a hot name, but I'll stick with it for the moment. (I may actually create a mirror site in the meantime, in a no doubt futile attempt to have and eat cake simultaneously.)

I'm going to go ahead and use my real name here, with apologies for folks who had mistaken me for a woman. When I chose Emma as a pseud, I wasn't really aware of the paucity of female voices in the blogosphere. Some folks linked me up to try to highlight women's voices. For any of you who did, thanks--nice to think that even though I've been promoting the Packers, you took me at face value. (Wisconsinites know that female cheeseheads are somewhat less rare than female bloggers.)

I really stink on keeping the links current, the blogroll representative, and the right column interesting. That's not likely to change, but I do intend to clean things up--and, and particularly, update the blogroll, which is woefully out of date.

Once more: thanks for the comments on the changes. Like all bloggers, I thrive on the feedback and comments. Your thoughts have impressed me since I started the blog, and I continue to be thankful that such smart, interested people read my rants. You rock.

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