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Friday, January 09, 2004  

T-minus 34 hours to the one-year mark. I've been thinking about this planned switchover to a newer, shinier blog--and all the comments you made warning against it. A few facts to inform the decision, and then I'll ask you to weigh in again. (and then we'll get back to the good stuff.)

Over the past couple months or so, I've been averaging about 190 visitors a day (13,250 from November first to now). This has been about constant since probably the summer, when I began to plateau. After a steady increase through about August on links, I've also hit a plateau there, too--roughly 300th in the Ecosystem (large mammal), and about 130 inbound blog links. These are pretty modest all around--it's not like I've got 20,000 hits a day.

Several very cool big blogs have linked to "Notes," and it would suck to lose those: Alas, a Blog, Atrios, Body and Soul, Kicking Ass (the DNC), Mark Kleiman, Nathan Newman, and Talk Left. All of these are huge traffic drivers, and cajoling them into relinking might be risky. On the other hand, even switching from Blogger means a new URL, which means relinking all over the place.

Last night, brainstorming over Thai food, my partner came up with the name "Red House." I spent several months scraping and painting our little house, from which I've been blogging for a year. I'd put the picture of the house up, which makes the blog seem personal--which it of course is. Seemed good at the time, but seeing your comments today makes me wonder. So, what do you think? "Red House--Blogging on the second floor since early 2003."

Or maybe I should just keep this URL and switch the name. Who knows--could be an annual event. All right, enough navel-gazing; let's get back to politics.

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