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Sunday, January 18, 2004  

Tired of the CNN circus?

All right, I've been checking out Eat Your Vegetables for some insider Iowa blogging. So far, it's a little skimpy. C'mon Lane, you're our man the middle.

I poked around a little, and found some other sources of insider info. Iowa isn't exactly a hotbed of native commentary, it seems, despite its enormous influence in the election (we should have the Oregon caucuses!). There are a few good sources, though. Escable Logic has some nice thoughts, both general and offbeat. Cornfield Commentary and Tusk and Talon are plenty wonky, but a bit, ah, right of center (still, worth visiting). Cedar Pundit appears to be a moderate Republican with active Dem parents--so his analysis is informed.

But the best I located was the Yin Blog, hosted by U Iowa law prof Tung Yin. It will meet both your wonk and liberal needs.

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