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Tuesday, January 27, 2004  

Today the Academy roll out its nominations for the Oscars. A quick scan inclines me to think that academy voters are evenly divided between artists and boobs. Included in the nods were some bold choices--Sofia Coppola for director and her film, Lost in Translation, for picture; American Splendor for screenplay; and a snub of Cold Mountain, which looks a lot like Minghella's English Patient goes South. But the boobs weighed in with 10 nominations for Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World, and Johnny Depp as best actor for his role as a pirate in the theme-park-inspired Pirates of the Carribean.

But all of that is, of course, merely window dressing for the main event. That's right, the annual spectactular known worldwide (among a highly select, statistically nonexistent population) as the definitive movie awards.

I'm talking, of course, about The Jeffies.

Heading into our fourth year of the Jeffies (last year's version was known around these parts as the Goldies, due to the nom in play at the time), we couldn't be more excited. The panel of judges has been deliberating, discussing, debating, and determining just which film will take home the coveted Grand Jeffy. (The panel here being myself, in royal "we" mode.)

Will it be Lost in Translation? American Splendor? School of Rock? Ah ah--it's too early to say. I still haven't reviewed all the important films of the year. (For all you Jack Black fans, yes, School of Rock is in contention.)

Because movies are on everyone's mind this morning, let me use the opportunity to make an announcement. During the days leading up to the Oscars (Februar 23-29), I will run Movie Week here at notes, a complement to last year's wildly successful Literary Week (some scuttlebutt had me in contention for a Pulitzer on that one). As the anticipation reaches its crescendo, I will announce my choice for Grand Jeffy, stealing the thunder from what will be an otherwise fatuous and tedious Oscars telecast.

Yeah yeah, I know--nobody cares. What can I say, you're going to have to suffer through it!

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