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Saturday, January 17, 2004  

Tomorrow, in anticipation of the Big Shew in Iowa, I'll reflect on the big four (bestill your excitement, please). But as a preview of coming attractions, I thought I'd bring you the opinions of the (not so moderate) conservative David Brooks, who handicapped the candidates in today's article. (After all, what a Democrat really wants is the opinion of a GOP flack about whom he should support.) If for no other reason than this, I think Dean should warrent serious consideration:

Dean, F. He's vague about what he's for, but he's venomous toward anyone who disagrees with him. If elected, political discourse would sink to new lows.

That "F" is the grade the conservative has given to the liberal on his servility and docility. Apparently, he doesn't toe the Bush line nearly as well as Joe Lieberman, who scored straight A's from Brooks (good ol' Joe, the Republican's Democrat). Dean may not be the guy at the end of the day, and I'm sensitive to the fact that he's a polarizing figure. But I tell you, anyone who can piss off the jackbooted GOP like Dean can inspires a certain amount of respect from me.

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