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Monday, January 05, 2004  

"The truth is, a number of Lieberman's statements could have been written by the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign."

Byron York, National Review, Jan. 5, 2004

Joe Lieberman, who has absolutely no chance of becoming the next President (he may not win in his home state), is a cancer to the Democratic Party. He spent yesterday bleating about what a bad, bad man Howard Dean is, ensuring that he'll become the Republican darling--and possibly take the Dems out of the Presidency as he goes down in flames. Listen:

Joe Lieberman surely wouldn't want the endorsement of National Review, but it's hard to deny that he makes a lot of sense for a member of the current field of Democratic presidential contenders.

In the Portland market yesterday, Lieberman and Clark were on the Sunday shows simultaneously (on This Week and Meet the Press, respectively). I toggled back and forth and listened as they were both questioned about Dean. Lieberman the lapdog was giving This Week slag after slag on Dean. Clark, cognizant that he might actually emerge as the candidate, was far more diplomatic. And, ah, presidential. It was an instructive moment. It went to show that while a candidate may not be able to win an election, he may well lose it--for his party.

To date, Lieberman has excited no voter interest (along with Braun and Sharpton he refused to estimate his fundraising totals for the fourth quarter), but he has gotten conservatives excited. They'd love nothing more than to watch the Democratic candidate spend the entire campaign season praising the President. Democrats, on the other hand, should be badly alarmed. It's about time for some of the major players in the party to pull Joe aside and tell him to knock it off. It's one thing to say Dean's got bad policies or that you'd be a better president, but to call launch volley after volley of personal attacks sure to show up in GOP ads is inexcusable.

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