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Monday, January 05, 2004  

A word on Kucinich. He's run a credible campaign, one of just three candidates (with Clark and Dean) to inspire voters to organize independently. He offered a genuine liberal point of view, and his views got heard by a fairly broad group of Americans. Running has positioned him to be a leading voice for liberals in the House.

But for the loyal Kucitizens out there (I'm one), it's time to own up to reality--our man ain't gonna win. I hope you still vote for him. The primaries really are the time to vote your heart. In the general election you have to make a painful choice, but here you can cast a ballot for the candidate you really do want to become president. Your vote isn't wasted, either. Primaries aren't an us-and-them affair; they're us and us. They are a referendum on policy issues that voters send back to the Party. If move people vote for Dennis than Lieberman (which I dearly hope to see), the Party will understand that there's a change afoot. This will inform candidates as they move forward.

If you're in an early-voting state, you may have a calculation in front of you: by voting for Dennis, you may help send your delegates to Clark or Gephardt rather than Dean. As a progressive, we all have to make our calls about what the right decision is. Dennis has run a fine campaign, though, so I hope all Kucitizens honor that by casting a ballot that will advance progressivism in the Democratic Party.

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