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Friday, February 06, 2004  

According to David Corn, Tim Russert's going to have Bush on Meet the Press for a full hour this weekend. (Bush has always liked Russert--four years ago he wanted to just dispense with the debates and go on "Russert's show.") Corn has eight questions he'd like to hear Russert ask. The first four deal with Iraq--no surprise there (eg. "In October 2002, during a speech in Cincinnati, you said that Saddam Hussein had a "massive stockpile" of biological weapons.... Did you overstate the intelligence?"). Bush should certainly be grilled long and hard on those questions. The next three are about Bush's National Guard experience (again, a rich source of questioning). And the last one is about abortion.

All well and good, but come on--there's so much more! I have a few questions from the "Dubious Claims" vault (aka the Dossiers). Here's a couple more:

1. President Bush, in 1990 you dumped two-thirds of your Harken stock just before the company announced a $23 million loss. The sale on those stocks earned you $848,000. Right now, Martha Stewart is on trial for a similar transaction. Will you tell us why you sold so much of your stock if, as you say, you thought the company was in such great shape?

2. You've mentioned that the "average" taxpayer would see his tax bill decline by over $1100. The per-capita income in the United States is about $31,000. How much would a person who earned $31,000 dollars have received from your tax cut last year?

3. (The Dean question, just to see if he's on his toes.) How many men and women would you have on active duty?

What would you ask him?

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