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Monday, February 09, 2004  

Also, in Maine:

50% of municipalities reporting (200 out of 403)

Sen. John Kerry 45%
Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean 26%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 15%
Sen. John Edwards 9%
Retired Gen. Wesley Clark 4%
The Rev. Al Sharpton 0%
Uncommitted 1%

Fifteen percent for DK? Holy Moly! This is after he finished third in Washington (more distantly, with 8% of the vote). I'm not going to seriously argue that Kucinich is on the move here, but as the candidates thin out, Kerry emerges as the de facto candidate, and Dean sinks to his doom, progressives are now shifting votes to the true liberal. (It's really too bad Lieberman didn't carry his Joe-mentum through the weekend; I'd have loved to see him getting beaten by Dennis.)

All right Kucitizens, it appears this simple blogger is ripe for his weekly pile-driving. Come get me.

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