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Friday, February 13, 2004  


Win* a free** copy of the White House Inc. Employee Handbook.***


1.) You must be agree to post a review of the book--either on your own blog or, if you have no blog, here (or the blog of your choice). The good folks at Penguin-Putnam sent me two copies for review, so it seems the neighborly thing to do.

2.) To claim the book, be the first to post a comment or email the correct URL on which the following sentence appears. You will find it at the website of the folks who wrote this book,

"Everyone may wear dresses so long as they are women."

Happy hunting.

*If you actually want it. Should you wish to auction the book, give it to the (satirically) needy, or pawn it at Powell's for beer money, that's your business--provided you abide by rule #1.

**I'll even spring for postage.

***This book is satirical. For an actual White House employee handbook, go here. The views expressed in the White House Inc. Employee Handbook are not those of "Notes on the Atrocities," it's member sites, or any of the multiple personalities of the blogger. Unless you enjoy the book, in which case I may claim them.

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