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Tuesday, February 03, 2004  

The dubious premises on which the President's dubious policies teeter are finally getting some scrutiny from the national press. Listen to what the editorial pages had to say about the "budget."

New York Times
The central fiction in the budget is that it constitutes the first step in halving the record $521 billion deficit over the next five years. Mr. Bush accomplished that feat on paper, in part by pretending that there would be no additional costs for the military in Iraq and Afghanistan this year — a supplemental request for an additional $50 billion or so will presumably arrive safely after Election Day. He also ignores the long-term effects of his proposal to make permanent most of the administration's $1.7 trillion in temporary tax cuts.

Washington Post
The Bush administration's 2005 budget is a masterpiece of disingenuous blame-shifting, dishonest budgeting and irresponsible governing. The administration mildly terms the $521 billion deficit forecast this year "a legitimate subject of concern," but asserts that it has the problem well in hand: The deficit, it assures the country, will be cut in half by 2009. This isn't credible -- and even if it were, it wouldn't be an adequate answer to a problem far more serious than this administration acknowledges.

Boston Globe
WHEN IT COMES to budget deficits, President Bush is like a husband who gambles away the grocery money and then blames his wife for serving leftovers.

Portland Oregonian
Any solution will be hard, and neither party has a monopoly on denial. But we need to begin debating the economic future of this country -- and we need to do it with real numbers.

Baltimore Sun
WHILE PRESIDENT Bush is looking into why he got bum intelligence on Iraq, he should check out his sources of fiscal advice as well. From the budget he submitted to Congress yesterday, it appears the president is being scandalously misinformed.

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