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Wednesday, February 04, 2004  

Fun: offense.

No fun: defense.

When you keep your eyes on the details--in a blogger's case, that means the news, bit by bit as it breaks every day--sometimes you miss the big picture. Backing up to take a global view, I see that the news is all headed in one direction--against the White House.

After three years of scrutiny immunity, the Prez now can't catch a break. In recent days he's announced a mission to Mars, offered his version of the State of the Union, decided to appoint a probe to investigate himself, and released a budget--all of which were received like lead balloons. Oh, and meanwhile, a long-dead story about Bush's Vietnam disservice has resurfaced because, apparently, the press doesn't have a large enough pile of stones to throw at him.

Go take a look at Ballon Juice's recent posts. Poor John is getting a little testy at all the attacks. Over at Just One Minute, Tom's handling the pressure with his usual aplomb, but he's back in the "prevent" formation himself. The GOP really knows how to dish it out. Question is, can they take it?

I don't have the faintest idea, but running the experiment seems like a lot of fun.

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