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Tuesday, February 24, 2004  

The Golden Neo

For the past five or six years I and a small group of friends have held a competition to select the most Oscar winners. The prize has varied but is mostly symbolic. The last couple years it was a devil duckie, which was a symbolic step up. Ah, but this year we have upped the ante even more. With an old tennis trophy, a Neo action figure, and a can of gold spray paint, we are in the process of fashioning the ultimate award: the Golden Neo (picture available upon completion).

I don't know if anyone would have interest in matching wits on this competition. I can't offer you the actual Golden Neo, but I'm happy to award a digital version and a heap of praise. If I get enough folks joining in, I'll even consider an actual award (a DVD, say). Here's how it works. You get yourself a ballot (this one, for example) and select the winners. Cut and paste that into an email and send it to me (emmasblog(at)yahoo(dot)com) before the telecast begins. Scoring as follows: 3 points for the "majors," 1 point for the "minors." Majors consist of acting awards, picture, director, writing awards, foreign picture, and feature documentary.

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