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Saturday, February 14, 2004  

Meanwhile, Bush dumped two inches of documentation that--ah, well, that doesn't clarify anything.

An initial review of the more than 300 pages found no additional documentation about why Bush went months without attending required drills while he was living in Montgomery, Ala., and at his home base in Houston between May 1972 and May 1973.

The documents also do not clear up another mystery about Bush's military service: why then First Lieutenant Bush, a fighter-interceptor pilot, did not take his required annual flight physical examination in mid-1972. On Aug. 1, 1972, he was suspended from flight status for not taking the physical, and never flew again.

Although this story continues to explode (Google News article count: 2,030--a 30% increase since Wednesday), I'm ambivilent about its significance. I imagine everyone more or less thinks the following scenario is pretty close to the truth: George Bush, a young man with no taste to die in an unpopular war, took advantage of his Daddy's position to get in the Guard. Once there, he farted around and did the minimal amount of work until, as the war was essentially over, he took advantage of an early exit. Big whoop.

But the Bush team, intrepid spinsters when they are on the offense, show no such agility on defense. Rather than admitting that his service was undistinguished and moving on, Bush has allowed a non-story--or a small one--to fester into a major issue. Clinton showed that it's not the blowjob that gets you, it's the lie about the blowjob. Yet Bush seems to be wandering into the same territory. Now, even if he is exonerated on the service issue, his character has taken a pretty big hit. Americans have a bad taste in their mouths over this one, and it will be hard for the President to reverse that. Instead, he seems to be offering more of the same. Now the press will have a weekend to tell a new variant of the story--Bush releases more ink into the water, hoping to cover up the issue.

Which means two more days of asking, "What's he hiding?'

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