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Tuesday, February 24, 2004  

Movie Week

The Return of the King is considered the front-runner to win a best-picture Oscar (three months ago, Howard Dean was a front-runner, too); if it does, it will be the first part-three movie to win (Godfather 2 was the only winning sequel). I dug around and discovered a few other facts.

3 million feet of film shot during production;
20,602 background actors cast;
15,000 costumes made by the wardrobe department;
2,400 behind-the-scenes crew members at height of production;
114 total speaking roles;
7 total years of development for all three movies.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy became the most nominated film series in Academy Award history with 30 nominations, surpassing both the Godfather trilogy (28) and the Star Wars franchise (21).

Box Office
The trilogy was made at a cost of roughly $190 million, or $63 million each. How was the return on the investment? Check out these numbers (which don't include DVD sales):

6.* The Fellowship of the Ring - $361 million (as of 2/18/04)
8. The Two Towers - $342 million
13. The Return of the King - $315 million

2. The Fellowship of the Ring - $986 million (as of 2/18/04)
4. The Two Towers - $926 million
7. The Return of the King - $871 million
Total international box: $2.79 billion
*place all-time

Random Trivia
Peter Jackson appeared in cameo as one of the mercenaries on the boats headed for Minas Tirtith.

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