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Monday, February 23, 2004  


This week I'm taking a break from politics. In a reprise to last year's partly successful week about literature, I'll only be writing about movies for the next seven days (unless the world intrudes in some unavoidable way). I know many of you are wonks and political junkies, so I hope you enjoy the break as much as I will.

Like many Americans, I love the movies. Every week, my partner Sally and I leave work a little early on Friday afternoon and catch the late matinee--usually on the film's premiere. I fall into a low category of film buff--the only genre I don't like is horror. So whether it's School of Rock or American Splendor, I can get equally excited. And every year, even though I end up feeling gross and disappointed, I anticipate the Oscars with unhealthy excitment.

For the last few years I've prepared a list of my fave movies called the Jeffies (last year I called them the Goldies on this blog). Part of this week will be spent discussing some of my choices for finest films, performances, writing, directing, and so on. I'll post reviews of the films in contention for the Grand Jeffy--that coveted best pic award all Hollywood's buzzing about. I'll also write about some of the themes and trends in film, the state of the art, and some fun stuff like trivia.

I invite folks to participate in the discussion. Film appreciation is idiosyncratic, so more voices will help dilute my own tastes. If anyone is dying to offer an alternative view or a review of a fave film from the past year, I'll even be happy to post guest blogs. We've got the rest of the year to talk politics, so I hope this is an enjoyable diversion for one week.

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