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Monday, March 01, 2004  

According to a new book that will be released this week in England, the British government apparently felt an Iraqi invasion was illegal.

In the weeks before the war, the British Government conveyed to Washington its concerns about the war, explaining that the preponderance of its legal opinion was that war would be unlawful without a second resolution of the Security Council.

As you know, the Brits ultimately backed the war, dispite misgivings. Why? On urging from the White House, they dug around until they found lawyers who said it was legal.

After the warning, Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, approached one of only two British lawyers who took a "hawkish" view of international law. The Government's top law officer then based his own legal opinion authorising the Iraq invasion on the new advice, the Whitehall source has said.

Can't blame that on the intelligence, can you?

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