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Monday, March 29, 2004  

All right, enough fun and games with this Clarke business. Turns out there's actually an election on. The other guy, it further turns out, unveiled his economic plan on Friday. Who knew?

(Note to the Kerry campaign: fridays are usually the day when you put out news you don't want reported. That's why it's called the "friday news dump.")

There's more than just a little John Edwards in the plan. (Is there a Las Vegas line on who Kerry will select as his running mate? Edwards must like the looks of things from this proposal.) On his website, the economic plan has the catchy title "Restoring Jobs and Rebuilding Our Economy." More:

Democrat John Kerry's economic plan unveiled Friday includes a tax hike for upper-income Americans, an end to corporate tax deferral for companies that earn profits overseas, and a five percent tax cut on the corporate rate.

"We now have a tax code that does more to reward companies for moving overseas than it does to reward them for creating jobs here in America," Kerry said.

"So, if I am elected president, I will fight for the most sweeping international tax law reform in 40 years, a plan to replace tax incentives to take jobs offshore with new incentives for job creation on our own shores," Kerry said, adding that a company that relocates overseas could avoid paying taxes "perhaps forever."

I'll have to dig around later and see what the big brains of the economic wing of the blogosphere (Nathan, Brad, Max) have to say about it. So far, they're caught up in Clarkemania with the rest of us.

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