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Sunday, March 07, 2004  

Despite the screamer headline ("54 percent in Oregon oppose same-sex marriage, poll says"), the Oregonian today reports hopeful findings from a poll of attitudes on gay marriage.

In fact, only 34% are "opposed to any legal recognition of same-sex couples regardless of what form it takes or what it is called." Another third are in favor of gay marriage. The final third "oppose same sex-marriage but support the idea of civil unions between same-sex couples."

In other words, a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage is likely to be opposed by something on the order of 60% of Oregonians, depending on the scope of the change.

On the other hand, there's this: although Kerry's ahead of Bush by 5% (45%-40%), Ralph Nader is polling at 5% and 11% are undecided. In the absence of a Nader candidacy, that 5% goes to Kerry. Because of Kerry's middle road position on gay marriage, this could become a single-ssue litmus test for voters who now have the Nader out. It is almost certain to drive up his number (however marginally), which could be significant in a close race. The real group to watch are the 11%. (Though I wonder what percent of likely voters is actually undecided. Eleven percent seems awfully high given the stark difference between the candidates. The Oregonian provides no info on the study's methodology.)

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