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Wednesday, March 03, 2004  

I suppose I should say something on this historic day. John Kerry has been annointed the Democratic candidate for President, and all that remains is for him to assemble the final delegates he needs to make it official. That means that all the lame-o's like me who abandoned Dennis Kucinich, who remains the best candidate I've ever seen in a Presidential contest, have no excuse but to vote for him now. On May 18th, I'll cast my ballot for DK.

Congratulations to all the Dems. It was a clean race and everyone managed to refrain from circular firing squads (the version that slaughtered Dean was linear). When things got tight, they tacked left, and lo--the President's numbers fell. Now it's not just the unnamed "Democratic candidate" who's beating Bush in the polls, but John Kerry. Remember what got you there, senator--fiesty refutation of the status quo, a defense of working people, civil liberties, the environment, and sensible foreign policy. Stay that course and you'll get to move into a purty white mansion come January.

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