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Saturday, March 06, 2004  

"I will continue to speak about the effects of 9/11 on our country and my presidency."

President Bush, speaking about his campaign ads, which include images of 9/11

Generally when I begin a post with a quote by Bush, it's to highlight the latest twisted logic, lie, or bumble. But on this one, I'm going to side with him. I saw the first ad last night (you can watch them here), and was surprised by how evenhanded they were. Two of the three current ads mention 9/11, but both in the context of difficulties the country has faced.

Bush continued: "How this administration handled that day, as well as the war on terror, is worthy of discussion. And I look forward to the debate about who best to lead this country in the war on terror."

He's exactly right. One of the most significant events in American history happened under his watch, and it's fair game. What he did in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy was far worse--there he exploited a vulnerable country with the Patriot Act, tax cuts, and an ill-advised war. He might easily slide into exploitation again--challenging Democrats' patriotism, as the GOP did with Max Cleland, for example. But these ads are far from that.

We do a disservice to the debate of public policy in this country if we can't talk 9/11. This is something the Dems should take to heart--Bush's record on fighting terror and uniting the country is something they should definitely highlight.

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