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Tuesday, March 16, 2004  

A little over a year ago, the White House derided Hans Blix as an ineffectual tyrant-coddler. All the loathing Americans felt toward the squishy, swishy French was taken out on Hans, whose funny accent reminded them of Pepe LePew. But who's ineffectual now? On NPR this morning, Blix essentially called the US and British ideological fools. He didn't bother with diplomatic language.

Just as Bush prepares to roll out the triumphal laurels for his imperial vision, Blix has appeared with a new book, Disarming Iraq. It appears Blix is intent on returning the verbal favor, just when Bush wants to ignore hard questions. Listen:

"Like the former days of the witch hunt, they are convinced that they exist, and if you see a black cat, well, that's evidence of the witch."

"So in a way, you could say that Iraq was perhaps as much punitive as it was pre-emptive. It was a reaction to 9/11 that we have to strike some theoretical, hypothetical links between Saddam Hussein and the terrorists. That was wrong. There wasn't anything."

"I am not suggesting that Blair and Bush spoke in bad faith, but I am suggesting that it would not have taken much critical thinking on their own part or the part of their close advisers to prevent statements that misled the public."

And most damningly, he also commented on the effect of the invasion--a point John Kerry and the Democrats absolutely need to make.

"Sorry to say it doesn't look that way. If the aim was to send a signal to terrorists that we are determined to take you on, that has not succeeded. In Iraq, it has bred a lot of terrorism and a lot of hatred to the Western world."

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