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Tuesday, March 02, 2004  

Looks like the Dems may have found a spine.

The Senate overwhelmingly rejected a proposal today to provide legal immunity to gun manufacturers and dealers after a successful Democratic-led effort to use the measure to renew a ban on assault weapons and require more background checks on buyers at gun shows....

In the first of a series of votes on gun issues, the Senate, by a margin of 52 to 47, approved an extension of the 10-year-old ban on military-style assault weapons, handing a defeat to Republican opponents and gun rights groups that had sought to defeat the measure despite its broad support among law enforcement agencies.

Following the vote on the assault weapons ban, the Senate voted 53 to 46 to close what is known as the "gun-show loophole" and require people who buys firearms from private dealers at such shows to undergo background checks. The vote on that amendment was also a setback for the authors of the underlying measure, who had hoped to keep such amendments off the bill.

Good work, folks.

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