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Tuesday, March 30, 2004  


This was something that the President essentially -- well, one, I think that our White House Counsel's Office is always in close contact with the commission and in close contact with the chairman and vice-chairman to talk about ways we can meet their needs. And they have remained close -- the Counsel's Office has remained in close contact with the chairman and vice-chairman.

I think the President, essentially, over the weekend decided that we should pursue this with the commission, pursue the possibility of Dr. Rice testifying publicly under oath, provided that we can uphold this important principle. It's important to protect the principle of separation of powers between the executive and legislative branch. It's a very important principle. Certainly I think that it's important to protect for future Presidents, to make sure that they can continue to receive the kind of advice and information they need from their staff to protect the American people. So that's important.

It gets worse:

Q Scott, there's a rumor today that the President brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. Can you confirm?

MR. McCLELLAN: The President carefully considered -- well, I think we need to look at the importance of nutrition and health. There are the berries, which I believe come from California, and the peanuts. Well, the peanuts, of course, are domestically-grown. The President has always been enthusiastic about peanuts. One thing we can say, essentially -- I mean, it's important to understand the broader context within which the sandwich, although I didn't personally see the sandwich, the reported sandwich was brought or believed to be brought. Because the President believes in nutrition. It's an important issue that the President feels very strongly about.

Okay, I made that second one up. But it was no less coherent than anything else he's been saying lately. Do you think it's possible for him to make a single, direct declarative statement?

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