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Monday, March 08, 2004  

My work day is just now ending. Needless to say, there'll be no blogging. But I couldn't help but mention this (thanks GJS):

A body that surfaced in the East River on Sunday was identified by the city medical examiner yesterday as that of Spalding Gray, the confessional monologuist and actor who disappeared two months ago.

The NYT article contains this info: In his 1980 show "Point Judith," Mr. Gray spoke a line that may well have summed up his life and career. "It's very hard for me," he said, "not to tell everybody everything."

In fact, I prefer to think of it as a different line. It's in a book I had signed by a girlfriend of mine who was able to see one of his monologues in the early 90s. Ironically, I had just left to go to India. When I got home, she gave me the book and it was inscribed with what I think was a signature phrase of his. I consider it a more literary line and a wiser one. In it is the truth of the writer (and I assume, performer). It said:

"Dear Jeff, please laugh."

Photo: Raku Loren

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