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Monday, March 29, 2004  

There's a local blogger who managed to get a front-page profile in the Oregonian today (and well deserved at that). For anyone who wonders what effect bloggers can have on journalism, this is a must read.

At the hearing on the park exclusions ordinance, b!X takes a seat in the back row of the City Council chambers, as is his custom (despite the fact that he needs glasses and must squint to make out anything far away). At one point, microphone difficulties make it hard to hear what Commissioner Randy Leonard is saying, and b!X leans forward, straining to hear, until his torso is almost parallel to the ground.

Later, on his Web site, he paraphrased Leonard's remarks and included this disclaimer: "The specific comments were difficult to make out, since Leonard's microphone either was on the fritz, or he wasn't making use of it. But the above is the general thrust of his continuing concerns."

Leonard is an avid reader of the site, visiting at least three times a day -- even after b!X once wrote the headline "Is Leonard Literate?" Leonard frequently posts comments on "Portland Communique," (as he did on the park exclusions entry to clarify what the microphone had failed to amplify), and he has on occasion alerted b!X to stories before the rest of the Portland news media.

Do-it-yourself journalism folks--and journalism that matters. Pretty cool stuff. (Although I'm damn envious, I'm proud he hails from our fair city--they don't call us "Little Beirut" for nothin'.)

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