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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Condi Blogging--Bob Kerrey's Questions

Bob Kerrey is really going after her. He criticized the President's "swatting flies" comment; noting that the only fly we swatted was in 1998, he asked her "what the hell flies he was tired of swatting?"

"You obviously don't want to use the "m" word." [Mistakes.]

"I only have ten minutes here; please don't fillibuster me."

"Everybody in this town knows the FBI and CIA don't talk. My question to you is after the July meeting, we knew there were cells in the US, why didn't you and Andy Card make sure the CIA and FBI were talking to each other. Why isn't there any evidence you followed up?"

(In response she played the "structural impediments" card--apparently the answer the White House prepped to any difficult question.)

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