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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

Condi Blogging...continued

Timothy Roemer's questioning was revealing. He asked a question about the NSA's and Condi's own responsibility. His question was something like: "If the buck ultimately stops with the President, then it passes across your desk. Should there have been some accountability? Shouldn't there have been resignations after 9/11?"

Condi's response (again, paraphrased): "Certainly we should have gotten more reporting than we did."

The fault always lies elsewhere.

During the Roemer quesioning, Condi started to shift out of defensiveness and became more combative. She dismissed Clarke's warnings and blamed him for not pushing more strongly for meetings with the President. ("I have an open-door policy to all my chief advisors. I don't recall that he asked for any meetings with the President.")

When presented with evidence that there was intelligence about potential attacks, Condi dismissed their relevance saying they weren't actionable. (She had some phrase--"threat-something.")

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