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Thursday, April 29, 2004  

The Daily Link

So here it is, day three in my good-citizenship plan--we're goin' for a week! For those of you who haven't been following my blog blow by blow (shame on you), I've been trying to be a better blog citizen and link up a blog heretofore never linked.

Today's link: The Talent Show.

Active since: March 2003

Tag: None, but there's this cool self-portrait.

Greg at the Talent Show writes more than a little like me and writes about stuff I'm interested in. That would be bad if I were a self-loather, but my friends can vouch that my problem's more the opposite. And so naturally I love it! Seriously--good content, interesting research (he quotes a letter from Jefferson to Baron von Humboldt), good politics, good info (see quote below) and variety (he references Dangermouse's Gray Album). What more can you ask?

Trenchant quote: [On Greg's choice for Veep] "If the most important criteria is image, lemme repeat my semi-endorsement of Georgia Rep. John Lewis. Picking him would do a lot to highlight Kerry's activist past. Plus if balancing the ticket is a priority, Lewis does so not only geographically, but also racially, economically, and religiously. The only potential downside is his extreme pacifism."


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