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Wednesday, April 28, 2004  

The Daily Link

So here it is, day two in my good-citizenship plan, and I'm actually linking up another blogger. We can't possibly expect me to show this kind of consistency in the future, but I've got a nice run going here. (I'll probably still call it The Daily Link.)

Today's link: Southerly Buster.

Active since: March 2003

Tag: "An abrupt southerly wind change, often producing strong and squally winds and sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms and a sharp drop in temperature. These strike Sydney mainly during the summer months." Clear?

Well, at least you can tell it's an Aussie blog. We're all susceptible to the echo-chamber effect, and I suppose one antidote is to read what they're writing about us in foreign countries. This is a great place to start. Author Alan covers international issues, which of course include the US. He also discusses issues we hear less about. His prose is wry and sharp. Very good stuff.

Trenchant quote: "In Harry Turtledove's Balance alternate history, the planet gets invaded in 1944 by an alien race with deeply conservative ideas. The alien language has no word for a government independent of their empire so they end up talking about not-empires like the US and Britain....

"The Bush administration is shifting its Iraq policy from fantasy to science fiction. They have invented not-sovereignty. It is laid out in some detail in the transitional adminsitrative diktat."


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