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Thursday, April 22, 2004  

Having just this week condemned polling for its uselessness and inaccuracy, I now ... turn to the polls. According to a survey by the AP,

...two-thirds of Americans acknowledge some concern that terrorists may be recruiting faster than the United States can keep up. A third of those polled feel strongly this is the case; another third say they have at least some worries.

Fears about an attack against this country remain high. Two-thirds in the poll said it was likely terrorists would strike before the November elections. And one-third said it was likely there would be an attack at one of the political conventions this summer....

- More than one-third say they have less faith in government's ability to protect them, and an additional one-fourth say there's at least some truth to that idea.

- Nearly half feel strongly they are more pessimistic about the possibility of there ever being peace in the world while an additional one-fourth say there may be some truth to that.

All of this is fairly surprising to me, but what really blows my mind is this final stat the article offers: "As for the election campaign, President Bush has the advantage over Democrat John Kerry on people's trust to do a better job of protecting the country, 53 percent to 37 percent."

Yesterday I argued that Kerry needs to change his argument to go positive. If you ever wanted strong evidence that his current rhetoric ain't workin', could it be any clearer than this?

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