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Monday, April 26, 2004  

I guess things don't change in a weekend:

I leave it for Senator Kerry to explain his votes and his statements about the war on terror, or our cause in Iraq, and the needs of the American military. Whatever the explanation, it is not an impressive record for someone who aspires to become Commander-in-Chief in this time of testing for our country.

I left and the White House was trying to cast doubt on Kerry's war cred; I come back and they're still trying. I wonder who's cred we should really doubt here.

(That Cheney, of all people, made this statement is rich in irony.)

[Update: Josh has an interesting proposal:

But here's some free advice for Kerry.

Don't get mixed up on the details. Take this directly to the president. Tell him to turn over a new leaf in life and stop being a coward. If the president wants to attack or question your war record or what you did after the war, tell him to do it himself. No special deals, no hidden help from family retainers, no hiding behind Karen Hughes. Tell him, for once, to fight his own fights.

I've long felt that Kerry should stay away from negativity (let the press and other Dems take up criticism of the Pres while Kerry promotes his own positive agenda). On this case, I'll make an exception. It's a great idea.]

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