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Tuesday, April 27, 2004  

I'm going to try to spread the wealth. Bloggers love to see their Technorati/Ecosystem numbers go up, but they feel they just can't get the exposure. (It's a big boat most of us find ourselves in.) To pull my weight, I'm going to start trying to link up a blogger to whom I've never linked before. I'd like to call it a daily plan, but I'm pretty flaky, so you can never be sure.

Today's link: the Moderate Voice.

The host's tag reads thus: "A political independent and moderate's irreverent comments, analysis and links on important stories in the news. Written by veteran journalist - Joe Gandelman - who is now a fulltime ventriloquist." I'd call it an offbeat Atrios. He links stories in the Atrios mode, but most of them are stories you'll have missed (at least I did). What's most interesting is that Joe calls himself a swing voter, which puts him in rare company. You might enjoy seeing how his mind works.

Trenchant observation: "Another problem: bringing up questions about Bush's record to change the subject weakens its use later in the campaign. Now when Kerry raises it some folks will charge (or think) it's just being used so people don't focus on whether he threw his own medals away or not (just think: our elections are decided on such raging issues)."


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