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Wednesday, April 07, 2004  


A week ago or so, a site called Kinja came online. With shades of 90s hype, it was greeted loudly--with cheers and, apparently, some derision. (See the New York Times article about it.) The good folks at the site were gracious enough to link me in their "liberal" category--which was when I was first alerted to the site's existence. Due to that obvious conflict of interest, I decided not to mention Kinja until I had a chance to study it for awhile.

A week in and I have to say (conflict be damned): it's pretty cool. You can go for the hit or miss sites listed in the categories they offer (politics, liberal, conservative, tech, movies, books, sex, and baseball [?] among others). Or, you can sign up--as with most blog utilities, free of charge--and add your own sites. This is perhaps a bit more reliable, but you don't run across anything new.

I don't know if it'll change the blogosphere much, but it's worth a few minutes of surfing.

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