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Wednesday, April 28, 2004  

Labor Blogging

The SEI Union is running a series on their blog about combating "Walmartization." Last week they alerted me to this series and asked that I respond on Monday. To which I say: Monday and Wednesday are fairly close days.

This post will be a brief backgrounder to get everyone up to snuff. If you've been following the series, check back later for my observations. The format SEIU has chosen is a good one. They select a topic, write about it, then ask a pointed question or two. On Monday, they mainly talked about what the Wal-Mart effect is, and asked folks to discuss it.

Yesterday they talked subcontracting, describing what it is and how it works. The question of the day was: "But how do we help people understand the connection between the problems created by subcontracting and the things they care about in their lives?" If there can be said to be a difinitive answer, Nathan Newman has provided it.

Today, SEIU's Andy Stern goes after Wall Street. The upshot: Wall Street rewards the Wal-Mart model and is hostile to workers (who after all cost too damn much). Today's question: What kinds of creative ideas should we consider? (Actually, he asks more than one, but that's the most interesting.

SEIU has been hoping to start up a dialogue, so I encourage you to visit the site and add your comments. As with everything, my opinion is that the questions and discussion are more important than the answers.

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